Isabel & Alexa| 2D Art| Illustration| 2D Animation
We work on 2D Art for Games, Apps, Fantasy Art, and Book Covers

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Fantasy creatures, characters, and original designs created by us.

Work we have done for our customers in the past and present.

We create nerdy goodies like prints, cards, and graphics for download in our Etsy shop.

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About us

Hello there! We are Alexa and Isabel, the faces behind Path Of Pixels.
Two former game developers who decided to pursue their passion for illustrations and comics.

As fans of the Dark Fantasy genre and old folklore, we love to apply these images to our projects.
Follow our journey creating illustrations, comics, prints, and game art which are influenced by our heroes H.P. Lovecraft, Steven King, Mike Mignola, Edgar Allan Poe, and E.T.A. Hoffmann.

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